My name is Ula Krasny. I am a Gestalt therapist. I work therapeutically in my office in Krakow (Poland) and online with adults.

I can help you with:
– anxiety and tension, lowered mood, etc.,
– existential themes: death, freedom and responsibility, isolation, the meaning of life,
– regaining the freedom to experience one’s own feelings,
– building a supportive, respectful and trusting relationship with one’s own body,
– relationships with other people,
– shame, feelings of social isolation, pressure to be perfect,
– gaining or regaining joy, peace, freedom and satisfaction with life,
– finding your satisfying way through life after sudden life changes such as illness, death of a loved one, trauma, etc.


How I work:
– I work a lot with the body (in the office space and online). The body continuously shows how a person feels in their world at any given moment. Each emotion expresses a bodily reaction related to a situation.
– I assume that both awareness and specific support are needed to change (e.g., how I feel or what I do). Awareness without sufficient support often leads to a point where the person says: “I know this rationally, but I can’t/don’t know how/don’t do…”.
– It is the warm and respectful therapeutic relationship that makes both of us change in the encounter.