About me

I completed a 4-year training at the Gestalt Counselling Centre in Krakow, Poland. I also participated in a two-year online programme at the Turin School of Psychopathology: Phenomenological-Gestalt Psychopathology. After completing my basic training, I was fortunate to attend numerous workshops by many outstanding Gestalt therapists and to translate dozens of articles and a book on Gestalt therapy. In Poland I am also the founder of the community Klub Gestalt, and Biblioteka Gestalt, which I coordinate.

One of my favorite psychotherapeutic maps is Laura Perls’ Map of support and contact. It focuses on exploring how each behavior – including “unwanted” or “difficult” ones – serves as a form of support in the current situation. By adopting this perspective, normative evaluations in the categories of healthy/disturbed or good/bad, etc., cease to make sense, and the focus shifts to what support is available and what is needed to cope with the demands of the lived world and the moment. I strongly believe that adequate support changes everything.

The second pillar on which my work is based is science. I am fascinated by the development of neuroscience, deepening my own knowledge brings me a lot of joy, and I try to integrate the latest knowledge on the effectiveness of relational psychotherapy with the theory of Gestalt therapy.

I am fortunate to work with wonderful people whom I accompany in their development and with whom I develop myself. This gives me a sense of meaning and belonging.

I work in the area of Gender Sexual and Relationship Diversity (LGBTQIA+ and with people who practice consensual non-monogamous relationships).